Sunday, September 5, 2010


For those of you who don't know, Wanda is my awesome 1998 Gold Ford Contour.
So, on Friday, I was super excited for the weekend, because I was invited to go with Rachel (my roommate) and her family to their cabin on Friday night.   So, Friday afternoon, at about 4:30, Rachel and I packed up my car, and headed out of Logan, on our way to the cabin.  Well, we didn't make it very far. We were just entering Sardine canyon when I noticed that my steering wheel felt like it wouldn't move very easily, it was all stiff.  Then, I looked at the temperature gauge and noticed that the needle was pointing all the way to the H.  Never a good thing.  So, I switched on my hazard lights and pulled off the road.  I opened the hood of the car (not expecting to be able to tell a single thing about what the problem was) and noticed that a belt had come off it's track of pulleys.  So, I call my dad, and tell him what happened.  Meanwhile, a Questar guy pulled over and came and looked at the engine and made sure Rachel and I were okay.  He discovered the reason why the belt had come off.  One of the pulleys it was on somehow got all melted and ruined.  Then he told me that it's the serpentine belt, which pretty much powers everything in the car (hence, I lost my power steering), and that the pulley would have to be replaced.  He then offered to give Rachel and I a ride somewhere, but he only had a truck with his family in it, and we had some extra stuff, and I didn't think it would fit, so I said we were okay and that we had a friend to call to come and pick us up.  So, I tried calling my dear sister, but she was stuck where she was until midnight, so we called her friend Karen, and Karen was awesome enough to come pick us up.
While we were waiting for Karen, we didn't really have anything better to do, so we took some funny pictures of Rachel and I sitting by the car, making faces and throwing tantrums.  Then, we got bored with that, so we sat behind my car in the shade.  At this point, Rachel had a really annoying song stuck in her head and kept singing it, so we sat there trying to think of a better song to sing.  It took us a minute, but Rachel started singing Part of Your World.  We started laughing, but continued the song, then we got to the line "I wanna be where the people are".  At this point, we busted up laughing, almost to the point of tears, and couldn't stop for a minute.   So, picture this.  You're driving up Sardine canyon, and you look over to the side of the road and see a gold car with hazard lights flashing, and sitting on the road behind the car are two hot girls, laughing hysterically.  What would you have thought??

So, eventually, Karen came and picked us up, (leaving Wanda sitting on the side of the road) took us back to our apartment, and my dad picked up my uncle and 2 of my cousins and came up to tow the car.  He finally got to our apartment at about 9:30, we left Wanda sitting in the parking lot, then me, my dad, my uncle, my 2 cousins and Rachel all piled in my family's van, stopped at McDonald's for a redbox movie (Leap Year), and headed home to Salt Lake.

The End.


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