Thursday, September 30, 2010

Lazy Days

I have been SO lazy today.  What is up with this? I'm pretty sure maintenance came this morning while I was the only one here (and still asleep) and I was barely conscious enough to know that they were knocking on the door, but apparently not awake enough to get up and answer the door.  They assumed that nobody was here and just came in anyway, and thankfully my bedroom door was closed...  How weird would that be?
Also, I barely managed to stay awake during Institute, and did not manage to stay awake during Stats.  Oops.
I think maybe I should go to bed early tonight.  I started feeling like I was ready to go to bed at about 8:45. Crazy..
Also, it is really hot in our kitchen/living room.  And just in here.  We even have the windows open.  Yet, i'm dying of heat.  And if I walk into another room, it's immediately about ten times cooler.  What is up with this?
Life is just kind of strange today.



So, apparently my roommate Michelle somehow set off a security system alarm, and it has now been going off for 3 hours.  On the 3rd floor, you can only hear it if you listen, but on the 1st and 2nd floors? Geez. It is LOUD! And, it has now been going off for nearly 4 hours. Four hours. You have got to be kidding me. You'd think somebody would've done something by now? You'd think that maybe the alarm system company might notice or something? Our RA isn't home, and I guess she's still not home, because it's still going off. I don't know what to do to fix it, or i'd try and do something myself. But, it's one in the morning. There aren't many people you can call to ask questions at one in the morning. So, I guess it will continue to go off until Sarah (the RA) gets home.
First and second floor people, I am truly sorry. I have NO idea how you were able to get to sleep tonight, if you did.

Oh. Well. A policeman just came to the door, and the alarm is off now. Thank heavens. The policeman asked if somebody removed the smoke alarm or if my roommates were smokers or anything. HA. Right... We didn't do anything! I promise! He said he'd trust me for now and that somebody from Maintenance would be by tomorrow to check it out.
Let's hope that Michelle isn't in trouble.
Update tomorrow on what the heck set off the stupid alarm!


Thursday, September 23, 2010


I love choir.  I am in 3 of them this year. It's pretty great. :) I now get to perform at Women's Confernce, and a CES fireside in November.
For the CES fireside, we are going to take a choir of 1002 people to Provo, and stand outside the Marriot Center and sing the Aggie Fight Song. I'm kind of super excited.

One of the things I love about choir is that I very often get the songs stuck in my head.  It makes life so much better when you have "I Feel My Savior's Love" stuck in your head.  Having choir songs stuck in my head usually helps me make better decisions.  It's pretty great.

I think that anyone who can sing, or even just enjoys music, should join a choir.



So, I was inspired by a friend's blog about things he is passionate about.  It got me thinking, what is there in my life that I am truly passionate about? It doesn't seem like there really is much at the moment.  I feel a bit unfulfilled in life.  The things I am most passionate about at the moment seem to be tv, food, sleep, Facebook, and MLIA.

One thing I did realize that I am passionate about is my relationships with people.  I like to think that I'm a good friend, that my friends can come to me whenever.  I also like to think that I give pretty good advice.  Correct me if I'm wrong, please.

Another thing I am passionate about is laughing.  I LOVE to laugh.  Even more, I love to laugh when the laughing is brought on by a friend.  Sure, MLIA and Teen Girl Squad are hilarious, but laughing with friends is just ten million times better.
Along with laughing, I am passionate about being my crazy, weird, random, loud self.  Sadly, I don't always act like myself.  Sometimes, I'm quiet and actually rather shy.  It is actually rather rare that I am truly acting like myself.  Just like everything else in my life, it pretty much depends on my mood.  When I get hyper and crazy, I'm actually being myself.  When I'm genuinely happy, I'm being myself.  Usually, if I'm in any sort of subdued mood, I'm not being myself.

The last thing I am passionate about (that I've thought about tonight, at least) is understanding.  Probably more than anything else in life, I want to understand.  One of my biggest fears is going into a situation that I don't fully comprehend.  I deal with things SO much better when I fully comprehend them.
This is probably one of the reasons I enjoy hearing about other people's lives.  Not just the surface stuff.  The deep stuff.  I want to truly understand people.  So, if I poke and prod and pry into your life too much, I'm sorry.  It's not really intentional.  It just kind of happens.  I am usually a very very open person myself, so I guess I expect everyone else to be the same way.
Along with that, I especially want to understand the Gospel.  As a whole, I understand it, and  I have a wonderful and firm testimony of it. But I want to know more.  I want to know everything.  All the little things.  This is why I love Institute.   I get so many insights into the little things from the people in my classes.  I thoroughly enjoy it.  It's about 200 times better than Seminary.  Seminary was great, don't get me wrong.  But in Institute, people are there because they truly want to be.  I think this is true even moreso in the random elective classes (like Writings of John the Beloved), because there are people in the class who took that specific class for a reason, because they are passionate about that specific subject.  So you get people who have deeply studied the things pertaining to what we're learning in class, and they happen to have tons of insights into the little things.  For example, the word Elohim.  I think that this 'little insight' may just deserve it's own whole post.  Who cares about sleep?
Anyway. One of the main reasons I try to stay faithful and righteous is because I know that when I get to the Celestial Kingdom, all of those little things will be explained.  I hope heaven is a classroom.  Honestly.  And I hope that the teachers are people like Joseph Smith, John the Beloved, Moses, Abraham, Nephi, Abinadi, basically, all those cool people that I love.  Above all, I want to be taught 'little insights' by Christ.  Now that would be something.

So, now that I've rambled on forever.. And it's 2 in the morning.. It might finally be bedtime.
I hope that some of this made sense. If not, oh well. Writing this helped my mind be a little less scatterbrained.



Elohim is the word used to refer to God in the Old Testament.  In Institute on Tuesday, something interesting was brought to my attention.  The word Elohim is plural.  At first, it confused me.  How can it be plural?  It's referring to God, or Heavenly Father, who is one separate being, right?  Then, we discussed it a little more.
There's something we often forget.  We often speak of Heavenly Father, but what about our Heavenly Mother?  I know it's out of respect that we usually don't talk about her, but it sure is interesting to think about.  So, I realized that the word Elohim does not only refer to Heavenly Father, but Heavenly Father and Heavenly Mother, as one, but still plural.

This is my model for how a marriage relationship should be.  Plural, but still one.
Let me explain.  Two people get married.  Plural.  But, because they are married, they should be one.
There is no equality in marriage.  It bugs me a lot when people say that, or even worse, try to define it.
Husband and wife should act as one entity.  Of course there will be differing ideas and such, but that is the point. Husband and wife must come together as one, and act as one.  Sadly, I do not think that this is a concept that most couples understand.  People are too busy thinking about equality and how it's supposed to work.  They don't realize that 'equality' doesn't matter.

I believe that Heavenly Father and Heavenly Mother act as one.  Heavenly Mother has just as much influence in our lives as does Heavenly Father, we just don't really realize it. 

Just food for thought. 


Wednesday, September 22, 2010


I'm in Economics class. 'Nuff said there.
(I'm kind of wondering if I smell bad or something, there are at least 5 empty seats around me.. I promise I showered and put on deodorant today!)

So, I just want to tell you a little bit about my awesome boyfriend, Scott.

(We were at Wendy's and found a heart shaped nugget.  I had to take a picture.)

Mostly, he's a dork. Which, for me, is good. I am probably one of the most random, dorkish, nerdy, and weird people you will ever meet. The same is true of him. We get along well.
Also, even before we started dating, he pretty much became my best friend. Second only to my absolute best friend Cyndi, he is my best friend. It's great. :)

I love this boy.
The end.


Tuesday, September 21, 2010

One Month

It has been exactly one month since I moved up here to Logan. Wow. That is ridiculous.  It still feels like I'm barely starting in my classes. I have a surprising lack of homework (or maybe I'm just that bad at procrastinating and don't know how much homework I have), and I still have time to take 3 to 4 hour naps about twice a week. Maybe things just haven't caught up to me yet. We'll see.
Here's my list of fun and exciting things I've done this month.
-Wanda breaking down (exciting, though not really in a good way)
-Going to Scott's family's cabin
-French Toast breakfast
-Getting asked out by a 23 year old freshman
-Ryan's farewell
-Late night Facebook party
-Starting to watch the first season of ALIAS
-Playing on the Farnsworth kindergarten playground at midnight
-Stalking my old house in West Valley
-Seeing my cousin become the 2nd runner up in the Miss Murray Pageant

That's about it. My life could use a little bit more excitement, honestly. I should work on that.


That's all that came to my mind when I first looked at this picture. Just wow.

This a picture of the Oquirrh Mountain Temple with the fire in Herriman in the background. (Taken by Paula Holder.)
How crazy is that? It's scary, but cool at the same time. It really makes the temple stand out, and it kind of looks like a shining beacon of hope amongst the flames.  Kind of a cool metaphor for life, I think.
When your life goes up in flames, look to the temple for hope. :)


Sunday, September 5, 2010


For those of you who don't know, Wanda is my awesome 1998 Gold Ford Contour.
So, on Friday, I was super excited for the weekend, because I was invited to go with Rachel (my roommate) and her family to their cabin on Friday night.   So, Friday afternoon, at about 4:30, Rachel and I packed up my car, and headed out of Logan, on our way to the cabin.  Well, we didn't make it very far. We were just entering Sardine canyon when I noticed that my steering wheel felt like it wouldn't move very easily, it was all stiff.  Then, I looked at the temperature gauge and noticed that the needle was pointing all the way to the H.  Never a good thing.  So, I switched on my hazard lights and pulled off the road.  I opened the hood of the car (not expecting to be able to tell a single thing about what the problem was) and noticed that a belt had come off it's track of pulleys.  So, I call my dad, and tell him what happened.  Meanwhile, a Questar guy pulled over and came and looked at the engine and made sure Rachel and I were okay.  He discovered the reason why the belt had come off.  One of the pulleys it was on somehow got all melted and ruined.  Then he told me that it's the serpentine belt, which pretty much powers everything in the car (hence, I lost my power steering), and that the pulley would have to be replaced.  He then offered to give Rachel and I a ride somewhere, but he only had a truck with his family in it, and we had some extra stuff, and I didn't think it would fit, so I said we were okay and that we had a friend to call to come and pick us up.  So, I tried calling my dear sister, but she was stuck where she was until midnight, so we called her friend Karen, and Karen was awesome enough to come pick us up.
While we were waiting for Karen, we didn't really have anything better to do, so we took some funny pictures of Rachel and I sitting by the car, making faces and throwing tantrums.  Then, we got bored with that, so we sat behind my car in the shade.  At this point, Rachel had a really annoying song stuck in her head and kept singing it, so we sat there trying to think of a better song to sing.  It took us a minute, but Rachel started singing Part of Your World.  We started laughing, but continued the song, then we got to the line "I wanna be where the people are".  At this point, we busted up laughing, almost to the point of tears, and couldn't stop for a minute.   So, picture this.  You're driving up Sardine canyon, and you look over to the side of the road and see a gold car with hazard lights flashing, and sitting on the road behind the car are two hot girls, laughing hysterically.  What would you have thought??

So, eventually, Karen came and picked us up, (leaving Wanda sitting on the side of the road) took us back to our apartment, and my dad picked up my uncle and 2 of my cousins and came up to tow the car.  He finally got to our apartment at about 9:30, we left Wanda sitting in the parking lot, then me, my dad, my uncle, my 2 cousins and Rachel all piled in my family's van, stopped at McDonald's for a redbox movie (Leap Year), and headed home to Salt Lake.

The End.