Tuesday, September 21, 2010

One Month

It has been exactly one month since I moved up here to Logan. Wow. That is ridiculous.  It still feels like I'm barely starting in my classes. I have a surprising lack of homework (or maybe I'm just that bad at procrastinating and don't know how much homework I have), and I still have time to take 3 to 4 hour naps about twice a week. Maybe things just haven't caught up to me yet. We'll see.
Here's my list of fun and exciting things I've done this month.
-Wanda breaking down (exciting, though not really in a good way)
-Going to Scott's family's cabin
-French Toast breakfast
-Getting asked out by a 23 year old freshman
-Ryan's farewell
-Late night Facebook party
-Starting to watch the first season of ALIAS
-Playing on the Farnsworth kindergarten playground at midnight
-Stalking my old house in West Valley
-Seeing my cousin become the 2nd runner up in the Miss Murray Pageant

That's about it. My life could use a little bit more excitement, honestly. I should work on that.

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