Thursday, September 30, 2010

Lazy Days

I have been SO lazy today.  What is up with this? I'm pretty sure maintenance came this morning while I was the only one here (and still asleep) and I was barely conscious enough to know that they were knocking on the door, but apparently not awake enough to get up and answer the door.  They assumed that nobody was here and just came in anyway, and thankfully my bedroom door was closed...  How weird would that be?
Also, I barely managed to stay awake during Institute, and did not manage to stay awake during Stats.  Oops.
I think maybe I should go to bed early tonight.  I started feeling like I was ready to go to bed at about 8:45. Crazy..
Also, it is really hot in our kitchen/living room.  And just in here.  We even have the windows open.  Yet, i'm dying of heat.  And if I walk into another room, it's immediately about ten times cooler.  What is up with this?
Life is just kind of strange today.


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