Monday, October 11, 2010

I Have Never

Have you ever played that game? If you haven't, you should. It's lots of fun. I enjoy it.  It's a little depressing, because it makes you think about all the things you have never done, but, still, it's fun. And it's a really interesting way to learn about other people.
Anyway, this is my list of things that I have never done.

I have never.....

  • Been to Disneyland
  • Tasted alcohol
  • Been out of the country
  • Seen Lord of the Rings
  • Been on choir tour
  • Had a job with set hours
  • Sold a Homemaker. :(
  • Done drugs
  • Been in the hospital as a patient
  • Donated blood
  • Gone skinny dipping
  • Missed an episode of Covert Affairs
  • Had a Twitter account
  • Worn glasses
  • Smoked a cigarette
  • Jumped out of a window onto a trampoline
  • Been a U of U fan
  • Been a madrigal
  • Broken or fractured a bone
  • Been on a cruise
  • Had a 16th birthday party
  • Had a 17th birthday party
  • Had an 18th birthday party
  • Paid attention in my Computer Science class  (where I am right now!)
  • Failed a class
  • Taken an online class
  • Watched a baseball game all the way through
  • Liked tomatoes
  • Kept a journal regularly
  • Gone snowboarding
  • Been skydiving
  • Gone toilet-papering
  • Snuck out of the house
  • Understood why people like The Sims
Note to self: My Computer Science professor doesn't know how to use YouTube.

  • Not been a procrastinator
  • Learned how to drive stick-shift
  • Been to MonsterMash or a Winter's dance

Well, class is over now, but I succeeded in at least staying awake through all of class. :)

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