Friday, August 20, 2010

Looking Back

Amongst all my packing and cleaning, I've come across all of my school papers from Senior year.  In particular, all of my BILLIONS of worksheets and practice tests from AP Music Theory. Also, I found all of my papers and notes from my final composition.  In finding all this, it hit me.  I am done with Music Theory.  I made it through not one, but two workbooks, hours and hours of ear training, I learned how to play the flute, completed about 10 practice tests, passed my AP test with a 4, the highest score in the class, arranged my own compostion for 5 different instruments, and it actually sounded pretty good.  The thought of all of this is absolutely ridiculous.
I remember sitting in Music Theory the first day, looking at the syllabus, and thinking, "I am going to die."  However, here I am!  I even passed the class with an A, every term.  We started off with 20 or so people the first day, lost at least 5 of those by the second day, and even more in the next two weeks, until we were down to six people.  Amelia, Patrick, Lukayla, Lola, James and me.  We were pretty awesome.  Then, halfway through the year, Patrick graduated early, and Amelia decided she wanted to be in JROTC, because the uniforms were cute.  I still don't understand.  Oh well.  A little while later, Lukayla decided the stress was too much and left as well.  Thus, we were left with the Terrific Three, Emily, James and Lola.  Now, James and Lola are some of my best friends.  I don't see them much, but nonetheless, they are ridiculously awesome.  Lola is now the SBO president at Cottonwood, and James is going to a music school in Denver.
Meeting these two on the first day, I thought Lola was pretty cool, and I was absolutely sure that James was just a dumb druggie guitar player that would never survive the class.  Yet, he exceeded all expectations and completely showed me up in knowledge of chords and chord structure.

So, to wrap up all my random scattered thoughts, basically, when I started Music Theory, I thought it would never be over with, that I could never get it all done.  But, I became an Advanced Procrastinator (what AP really stands for, by the way.) and somehow made it.  I made it.


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  1. Dang, that makes me miss my music theory class! Isn't it the best? We had some fun times in that class. and think the best were the secret pop tart parties with the toaster behind the chairs and getting the teacher to play hands up stands up in the middle of a lecture, hehe!