Sunday, August 22, 2010

Church Adventures

So, after a big humongous combined sacrament meeting with the whole stake, we separated into wards, and did introductions and such.  Come to find out, I live across the hall from 3 girls from my junior high.  Small world.  Weirdest of all though, so far, there are three guys in my ward.  Three.  This is going to be a bit strange.
One thing I'm WAY excited for, however, is that at least half of the people, during their introductions about themselves, said they love to sing.  I really really hope we have a ward choir, because it is going to be awesome!!!  It'll probably be a women's choir, but.. Still awesome.  I think it would be SO fun to be the choir director.  I've always wanted to be a choir conductor.  I guess we'll see if I get the chance to be one!

It still doesn't feel like I've moved, even though I've slept here already.  Maybe it will really hit me when all my roommates get here.  So far, it's me, Michelle and Belen, and we each have our own rooms right now.  So, things will get interesting when Rachel, MacKenzie and Jamie move in too!
It's really surprising how much storage space we have!  I didn't think i'd be able to find places for all my stuff, that it'd be really small, but we actually have 2 big closets in the hall, a big walk-in pantry, and lots of drawers and cupboards in the kitchen.  The only that might be pressed for space is the fridge.
Another strange thing, I actually have a desk now!  I'm so used to sitting on my bed with my laptop, but now I actually have a desk and a printer and everything.  It's crazy how much of a different it makes in keeping my room uncluttered.

Basically, everything is pretty awesome so far.  Except for the lack of air conditioning.  Oh geez.  I suppose I should enjoy the heat while I can, but.. I'm dying!!



  1. P.s. My church building is the Golden Toaster.

  2. 1, I love the toaster.
    2, Who from jr. High?
    3, You only need AC in logan for a month anyway, so it works out. :)

  3. Number A- I do enjoy the toaster. Though i'm a little mad that we have a church right across the street, but the married people get that one.
    Number B- Carrie Drown, Allee Evensen and.. I forgot her name. But I know she went to Bennion. And might even be in our stake.. I forget.
    Number C- This is true. I think we'll survive.