Tuesday, February 8, 2011

My Motto

My friend Nathan got me thinking about personal mottoes.  After reading his post about Mantras/Mottoes, he asks what his reader's mottoes are.   I was just going to leave a comment, but then decided it would be much too long.  Thus, I came here to write a post about it instead!

First, you need to understand a little bit about my job. I am a Sales Rep for Vector Marketing (In other words, I sell Cutco Kitchen Cutlery.)  However, this company is not just about selling. I attended a summer conference where we learned not only how to sell better, but many important life skills, such as building rapport with customers, and really learning how to talk to and relate to people. At the conference, there were many talks given by Managers, Assistant Managers, and outstanding Sales Reps.  These talks were all recorded, and put on the company website, VectorConnect.  Now, all across the nation, in Vector, every time there is a summer conference, or other event where there are talks given, they are recorded and put on this website.

So, one day I was browsing through the talks, trying to find a short one to listen to while I was getting ready for the day, in the hopes that it would provide some extra motivation and excitement for the day.
I downloaded a 20 minute talk called "My Breakthrough Story" by Geri Azinger.  
*Geri Azinger is one of the TOP Sales Reps in the nation, she sells over $5,000 weekly.* 

Her talk is all about 'breakthrough moments'.  You know what I mean.  That moment when you realize "I can totally do this! I'm gonna go out there and kick butt (in whatever you're trying to do)."
Most often, we sit and wait for those moments to come to us.  But why?? Why not just make our own breakthrough moments?
Thus, my personal motto (a direct quote from the talk), which sits prominently on my desktop on a sticky note so that I see it every time I open my laptop (which is multiple times, daily), is....
"Are you willing to lose the opportunity of a lifetime? Don't wait for your breakthrough moment. Just create one."

This also goes along with something I have been striving for recently, but I think that is going to need it's own post.  So, look forward to a post about Making Pro-active Choices.


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  1. Don't wait for your breakthrough moment. Just create one.

    Well said. On the mission we were always told to make the miracles happen. It's true for every other field, too--God will help those who do what they can to help themselves.