Sunday, May 22, 2011

The Car Accident Story.

Once upon a time, Emily and her friend Nick were travelling to a farewell in Kaysville.
It was raining, and Emily was driving in the left lane, going about 70 on the freeway.
Well, at the bottom of a small hill, there was this big huge puddle of water, and as Emily and Nick hit it, they hydroplaned, and the car started spinning.

Somehow, miraculously, they did not hit any other cars.
For a split second, they straightened out and it seemed like they may be able to regain control. Then they started spinning again, and then they hit the big cement wall in the middle of the freeway. 

Then, about a minute later they saw another crashed looking car coming towards them, but he was just slowing down and pulling off, and he stopped about 15 feet away from them. He hydroplaned and may have hit somebody in the process.. I honestly don't know what happened with that.

But, overall, there were 4 damaged cars suddenly on the side of the freeway..

Everybody was really nice to me, a guy gave me his jacket to use, and Nick was awesome and just hugged me and kept me calm. 
A lady to happened to be an EMT stopped because she saw the crash and came and helped, somebody gave me a blanket and made me go sit down..

Honestly the whole thing is a little bit of a blur now. The whole thing probably took about 2 hours, filling out police reports and getting my stuff out of the car, etc.. But it all seemed like it happened really fast.

Emily's dad came to pick up her and Nick, and while they were in a neighborhood turning around to go home, Emily fainted in the car for a minute.  Emily's dad pulled over, and then Nick suggested that they give Emily a priesthood blessing.  Emily's Dad and Nick did so, and Emily felt much better after that.
(The fainting most likely happened because the adrenaline and everything from the crash was finally wearing off and Emily's body and mind just couldn't quite handle it.)

Thankfully, nobody was seriously injured. For a crash in the middle of the freeway, it was pretty minimal. 
Emily is a little cut and bruised, Nick has a bruised knee, but that's it. 
I'm sure i'll feel the soreness and everything from the impact tomorrow, but for now I just have a dull headache that won't go away. 

I am so thankful for the fact that it was not very serious.  Really. It could have been very very bad. With the airbags deploying, I could have broken my nose or some ribs (according to the EMT lady), but I didn't.

My car is not very okay, and I don't really know the extent of the damage there (I honestly didn't look much), but I am okay, Nick is okay, and that is what matters.

I definitely had some guardian angels watching out for me today.



  1. Dang, that's scary. Glad everyone is okay!

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  3. Wow, she really fainted? That was scary. Good thing everything's okay now. It's kinda hard to drive during bad weather coz the roads are bit wet and slippery. Everyone should take extra precautions when driving.